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We Need Each Other To Win

One of the lies of the devil, and it bears repetition, is to put you in a box where you assume that you have nothing to offer.

You come to church, sit quietly in a corner, waiting for the choir to sing and the man of God to perform.

You come to church so dignified that no one can come near you. You come with a mask and pretend that all is well but deep within, you are dying piecemeal; it is time to take the mask off.

Child of God, we are members of one body, so we need each other. Just as the eye cannot tell the nose, I have no need of you; the mouth cannot tell the hand I have no need of you.

Each part has its own function; in the same way, we need each other.
While I appreciate the fact that everyone cannot be your friend, you cannot also live a life of a loner. Do not for the fear of getting hurt deny yourself of the blessing that your brother or sister can be in your life.

No one is all complete; we need each other at various stages of life. You might be full of ideas, but your brother might have the key to tying it all up and turning it into a business venture. You may have been going to an office for months, for a document that is in the hands of the person sitting beside you.

What looks like a mountain to you may be a molehill to another person. Just like no candle can light itself, no one can survive as an Island.

Fellowshipping involves paying a price. It will cost you some time, energy and even demands that you go an extra mile.

Fellowshipping is being your brother’s keeper. But let me quickly strike a balance, fellowship does not also mean inconveniencing the next person. It is not a license to be a burden on anyone.

Fellowship is not about forming cliques, rather it is about helping each other and knowing that a bond is only as strong as the weakest link.

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