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Women Shouldn’t Be Inferior To Men


You can see right in Genesis 2:23 that the man and the woman are the same. The fact that God brought out the woman from the man and the woman is weak in her physical configuration does not mean she is any less than the man. Secondly, the fact that God said that the wife should submit to the husband does not mean she is any less than her husband. Rather, it dignifies her when she submits to her husband. The way God made it is that the husband should be a covering to the wife.

God looked at the physique of the woman and saw how fragile she was and said I want to protect her. I don’t want her messed up, so am going to give her somebody that’s strong to cover this dignity and glory that I have covered her with. That is why God asked the wife to submit. It is not to put her down, rather it is to help her to actualize who she truly is. I don’t understand when men get intimidated because their wives are doing better than them. Your wife is being blessed and you become offended. It is because you don’t understand the Bible. If you understand the Bible you should kneel down by your bedside and say ‘Thank you Jesus for what you are doing in our lives.’

Everything was going well for the husband and wife until Satan came into the scene. Wherever the devil enters he comes to steal, to kill and to destroy. That is why we should resist him with every fiber of our being. Fight and refuse him access into your territory. When he entered in the garden, he began to pollute what God had done. You must, therefore, keep the devil out of your life and out of your home. I decree the shielding of your family and destiny from the arrows of tragedy and death.

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