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‘Written in the Stars’ Returns Back To The Airwaves


Ghanaians in the coming days are set to enjoy pure talent of presenting as season two of ‘Written in the Stars’ bounces back into the airwaves.

After many months of preparation towards the season two, a close source has disclosed readiness of the much anticipated talk show to be back on National Television.

At the time where TV Production has been the problem in Ghana with many suffering from competence in quality, ‘Written in the Stars’ season brings down such adhesion.

The season 2 according to information would be shown on Multimedia Channel Joy Prime on Multi-TV hosted by Alex Kwesi Crassie, aka TuRas TuRise every Saturday evening at 7:30pm.

A new teaser video making the rounds ahead of the show, captures Turas travelling around the Africa continent in an interview session of several celebrities in the entertainment Space.

The show captures these images as if they were showing images outside Ghana, and you are guaranteed of falling in love with your beloved country Ghana all over again. Each episode is guaranteed to give you variety in the look and feel, which is missing in many chat shows in Ghana.

Any TV show that does not give you elements of Unpredictability and suspense is below par. Not worth your time. There’s every reason for the viewer to only guess what will happen in the next episode. You will surely be left with a Wow moment anytime you watch it.

Most of these decisions about the show listed above will be made by you, the viewer. Just make sure you raise all antennas every Saturday evening after enjoying your usual omotuo or fufu. Tune in to Joy Prime at 7:30 pm. You won’t regret it.

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