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You Are A Spirit

Since God made man in His own image, therefore man is a spirit. You are not material neither are you matter. You are a spirit. You may be thinking but I can touch my body. What you are touching is your container. Take for instance, someone is wearing a dress, if the body leaves the dress, the dress will drop while the person can still move around. So, if the spirit put off this body now, this body will stay here.

It is important that you understand this because the spiritual warfare will intensify in these last days. Evil spirits, demonic forces, witches and wizards are coming out of their closet. But the beauty of it is that you are of a superior order than witches. So, stop seeing yourself from the natural standpoint. What you have is heavier than witches and wizards. They are under your feet.

Occultists, ritual killers and people who are involved in all kinds of demonic activities are lesser spirits. You are of a superior order which is the order of God. Therefore, any witch or wizard that is trying to truncate your destiny will bow. No demonic force will stop your destiny. Any man or woman that has gone to witches’ coven or made sacrifices in order to truncate what God says rightfully belongs to you shall be frustrated. Their agenda is nullified. Whatever they have buried against you-whether in the sea or in the grave- shall catch fire.

Whatever they say is working contrary to your destiny and God’s design for your life shall be destroyed. Altars that have been raised to work against your progress shall not stand. They shall be destroyed. Any gathering where your name is mentioned for evil shall be destroyed with lightening, brimstone and thunder in Jesus Name. You are unstoppable.

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