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You Have No Margin For Failure


What was the end of Pharaoh in the book of Exodus 14? He drowned with all his best military hardware and personnel. They drowned in the red sea that God’s people walked through. The enemy that they saw same day, they saw them no more. You can’t pursue God’s people when you know God will arise to help them. How dare you think you can overwhelm a child of God? The fact that God allows certain things in your life does not mean he is weak. He is simply saying my child you can handle it. When it is all said and done, the last testimony belongs to you.

There is no margin for failure for a child of God. So be thankful because in Christ we are always victorious. You must always remember that you have no failure material in you. You win always. You may not look like it, but don’t ever set your face towards failure. It is an insult to the finished work of redemption. Don’t ever accept failure. If you accept failure, then Christ has failed because you are in Christ. Christ has done it all. Also God sees you in Christ because the price has been fully paid for. When you therefore say that you are a failure because of a temporal situation, the enemy will be wondering if you know who you are and what Christ has done.

In Exodus 14, the enemy drowned because they pursued the people of God. I decree that the enterprise of the enemy will never succeed in your life. In the book of Joshua 6:1, Jericho was shut because of the children of Israel, none went in and none came out. It was shut to prevent God’s people from entering. But God showed up and proved himself. I see God proving himself in that situation. Every door of hindrance is broken today. Supernatural open door is your portion.

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