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Many times people get weary about the basics of our faith. The fact that you fasted last month, week or year does not stop you from fasting. The fact that you have not seen the manifestation should not in any way deter you from praying.

Jesus in our scripture above made a very profound statement: “… Men ought always to pray…” He did not say some times or when a need arises but ALWAYS. What does ALWAYS mean, Always means ALL THE TIME. Now this negates what many have considered the “time of prayer” – morning devotion, evening prayers. While those are very important, that is not the only time to pray.

This will look difficult or impossible if your understanding of prayer is a time to kneel down, close your eyes and pray. But that is not it. Prayer is talking to God. It is born out of relationship with Him. Just like you can spend hours talking or chatting with a friend, God wants you to be able to talk to Him all the time without getting tired. There is a time to kneel down to pray but that is not all. You can pray in the shower, you can pray will driving, you can pray even in the office while a meeting is on. It is communication with God.

Don’t misunderstand me that does not remove the time you devote to stay in His presence to pray. It does not remove the times you separate yourself and stay before God. Don’t turn your hour with God to a word of prayer because I said you can pray anywhere. However, prayer is not limited to the hour before bed or the 1st hour of the day. It is having a constant and consistent communication with God where He talks to you and you also talk to Him – it is a two-way communication.

I encourage you not to get too busy to pray. Remember, men ought always to pray and not faint.

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