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Your Father Is A Maker

A shepherd knows exactly when and where to take his sheep to go drink water. You think you know what you want? No, You don’t! You didn’t choose Him. He chose you. The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. When last did you meditate on this Psalm. The Lord is, not was or will be. In the exam hall, He is my shepherd. At the interview panel, He is my shepherd. I shall not want! He is responsible for my protection, my provision and my guidance. David said the days of my lack are over. I will no more want.

“He maketh me,” I don’t make! He maketh me to lie down. I don’t even know how to lie down. I do nothing but rest and lie down where He wants me to. “He maketh me to lie down in green pastures. He leadeth me besides the still waters.” He is talking about nourishment and a grace that never runs dry. He looks for and takes me to places where refreshment and nourishment never run dry all the year round. Some of you think you know everything about
yourselves. You don’t!

He is the Maker! When my womb is damaged, He makes it whole. When there is no way out, He makes a way. When all doors are shut, He opens it all. Some are so stressed up because when they look at their natural ability, they see limitations. But know today that your Father is a Maker! He knows where the tempest is raging. So, He said son come and drink from this still water. When doctors come out of the theatre and shake their heads and say there’s nothing we can do. He maketh.

With God there is really no margin for failure. He is the Shepherd. All you have to do is just rest. When you come to a river and there is no bridge to cross it, it is His duty to carry you on His shoulder. Your part is to rest.

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