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Your Time Of Honouring Is Now


In the book of Esther chapter 5, a man by the name Haman was upset with Mordecai. Haman was the number-two man in command in that kingdom, yet he was upset with Mordecai because Mordecai refused to bow to him. He vowed to wipe him off with the entire Jewish race; so that there would be no remembrance of them again.

When he got home angry, dejected and frustrated, he told his wife how Mordecai would not bow to him. His wife advised him to prepare gallows to hang Mordecai. He took his wife’s advice and all hell broke loose against Mordecai and the entire Jews. But when you get to chapter 6, you will discover that when all the plots had been perfected; that night God was in a conference to ensure that Mordecai must be honoured.

I declare that your day of honour has come. This is your period of elevation! This is your time of breakthrough! This is your season of open heaven. Your land will produce!  Your heaven will never be shut!  Your years of mourning and frustration are over. This is your year of testimonies. Whatever the devil has packaged will never stand. You will not be a failure! You will not be a disappointment and you will not be frustrated. You will be celebrated.

No more delays in your life! No more postponement in your life!  In the same place of defeat, there shall be victory. In the same place of defeat, there shall be breakthrough. In the same place of defeat, there shall be open heaven encounter. In the same place of defeat, you are returning with testimony. You are returning with breakthrough and open doors. You are returning with promotion! You are returning with open heaven. In the same place where you were despised and ridiculed, I see great and mighty things happening in your life in the name of Jesus.

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