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Africa and Asian Rafting Championship Gains Global Recognition

The Secretary-General of the World Rafting Federation-African Council, Mr. Salim Fari has begun a momentum global tour in preparation for the highly anticipated Africa games which is expected to bring together all Africa giants under one umbrella to compete for top rewards.

The African and Asian Rafting Championships under the supervision of Mr. Fari is ready to demonstrate not just its sporting excellence but also the unity that accompanies continental competitions which would make countries compete for fame and make their mark in the records of sports history.

Mr. Salim Fari, global journey was not just a testament to his dedication but also a bridge-building exercise with international partners to ensure the events’ success to the highest hallmark.

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Salim’s travels took him across the picturesque landscapes of Canada, through the historic towns of Germany, over the rolling green hills of Ireland, across the majestic mountains of Switzerland, and to the heart of Luxembourg.

Each country offered him unique insights and support, enriching the planning process for the championships.

Plans are far advanced for Salim next stop in Japan and Norway, which reflects on the importance of collaboration and partnership.

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Speaking on the rationale of the historic visit and preparation for the competition, he said, “With the support of my team at the world level and the African level, I strongly believe that we can achieve great success in Africa and Asia respectively. Our WRF President and the African President have been very supportive to make sure this becomes successful.

He continued with a sense of gratitude, “I thank all our partners who hosted us, and I pray that we are going to achieve success together because without them, we are nobody.”

Salim Fari’s story is one of relentless pursuit and collective effort. It’s a narrative that resonates with the spirit of sportsmanship and camaraderie, setting the stage for what promises to be a spectacular showcase of rafting talent in Japan and Kenya.

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