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The Church Is Your Training Ground

The reason why we must be equipped is because the work of the ministry should not be left in the hands of the pastors alone. God did not intend that only the pastors will do soul winning, do the praying and do the laying on of hands. If the world is dependent on that, then the world is in trouble. How many pastors will be able to reach the world? God intends that in your world, you will work the works of the ministry.

You don’t go to the church to feel good, dance, sing or to see how wonderful the service is; you go to church to be matured and equipped for the work of the ministry. The church is like a training ground or a school where you are trained. After training, you get back to the field as a businesswoman, accountant, lawyer, doctor, Public Relations Consultant, media practitioner, hospital personnel, school teacher, administrator or whatever is your area of operation.

That area where you operate is your pulpit. Let people know there that Jesus is Lord.  Then, on Sunday, we gather for celebration. That’s what Sunday service is all about. As we lift up our voice in praise of what God has done, there is an anointing that is released. We are edified again to move on to the next week.

Today, I declare you a solution to your world. You are the light of the world and the salt of the earth. You are the answer your world has been waiting for. As you appear, every suffering comes to an end. You will not go unsung, neither will you remain in obscurity. You will be celebrated. I bless you in Jesus name.

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