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Court orders side chick to hand over car from sugar daddy

The young and beautiful lady by name Deborah Seyram Adablah who dragged her former sugar daddy to court on allegations that he had breached an agreement to take care of her, has been ordered by Court to hand over to the Registrar, .a vehicle which has become an issue  of contention between them.

The Court, on Tuesday ordered Deborah to hand over the vehicle for preservation until the case is fully and completely determined and the man in question was also ordered to hand over the documents of the vehicle to Court.

Both parties were also ordered to desist from posting on social media and traditional media any content that could influence the case in anyway.

Deborah contends that the sugar daddy bought the car for her when they were dating but he registered it in his name and at a point even took it back from her after she had used it for about a year.

She managed t get it back and has since been in her custody but there is still some contention over it.

Deborah claims she is also not happy that  though the man promised to pay for her accommodation for three years he paid for just one year and has breached his agreement to  give her a monthly stipend of GH¢3,000, marry her after divorcing his wife and also give her a lump sum to start a business.

In January this year, Deborah dragged to court the married man she claims forced her into a love and sex relation with him when she was National Service personnel at the headquarters of a private bank the man was working and still works.

Deborah, who describes herself as a victim of abuse, did not only sue the married banker and Christian leader, who happens to be a junior pastor of a Tema based charismatic church but she also sued the bank as a legal entity for failing to protect her and other ladies, including married women who she alleges were forced into an unwilling sexual relationship with senior male staff of the bank.

According to Deborah, when she started her National Service at the bank in the year 2020, she observed persistent sexual harassment by senior male officers against female workers and that virtually every senior manager has a girlfriend in the bank and they change the ladies at their will to the knowledge of the managers.

She said the bank’s managers also use the female staff to make advances to very rich customers with a view to sleeping with them and getting them to open accounts with the bank to the detriments of the female staffs.

“If you failed to give in to their demands, your life in the bank is made unhappy, uncomfortable and unfriendly to work in”, she added in her writ.

She stated further that even after her National service at the bank, she continued her sex relationship with the married man because he had among other things promised to divorce his wife and marry her because he and the wife were having problems.

She stated in the writ that the man also promised to buy her a ring and to pay for her medical and other Bills including paying for her to undergo a family planning treatment so that she will not give birth in the short term.

She claims he told her to not apply to me employed at the bank although there was that opportunity and that he would finance her upkeep with a monthly amount of GHC3, 000.

She said true to his words, the married banker rented her an apartment, bought her a car valued at GHC120, 000 and was paying her the monthly amount of GHC3, 000 until they started to have disagreements and he stopped his side of the bargain although she was faithfully fulfilling her side of the contract.

According to Deborah, one of the differences she was having with the married banker cum church pastor was that he “wanted to have unnatural carnal knowledge” with her but she refused.

She said the request continued severally and the parties’ differences continued to widen and that there were other similar requests which were not in conformity with societal norms.

Finally they met and decided to bring an end to their relationship.

Deborah is praying the courts to grant her the following reliefs:

An order that the man, her ex lover, transfers title of car into her name

A refund of cost of repairs of Ghc10, 000.00 which the married man promised to refund to Deborah but failed.

An order that the Defendants, being both the married man and the bank, pay to the Plaintiff the following:

(i) 1st Defendant pays lump sum money to the plaintiff to enable the plaintiff start a business to take care of herself as agreed by the plaintiff and the 1st Defendant.

(ii) 1st Defendant pays the remaining two (2) years rent for Plaintiff’s accommodation or to pay same amount for the remaining two (2) years at the same rate at an alternative accommodation.

(iii) 1st Defendant to pay the outstanding arrears of Plaintiff’s monthly allowance from July 2022 to the date of Judgment and pay all medical expenses as a result of the side effects of the Family Planning treatment.

(iv) General damages against the Defendants.

(d) Any other relief(s) the Court deems necessary including legal cost.

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