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Ghanaian Christians Are Hypocrites


UK based Ghanaian International singer, Stephanie Benson has said Ghanaian Christians are hypocrites.

According to the queen of jazz, Christians in the country do not practice what is being preached in church, hence her reason for tagging them as hypocrites.

In an interview with ZionFelix on Celebrity Ride, she said “Majority of Ghanaians are Christians but they end up practicing evil. They don’t do what is right.”

The jazz singer disclosed that she is a believer of the gospel but does not go to church.

According to her, she would not attend church in order for a priest to preach to her about how she should live her life as a human being because she believes in only what God says.

“I don’t go to church because i don’t believe in somebody telling me how I should be and how I shouldn’t, i believe only in God and what he says and his words,” she said.

She indicated that people interpret the Bible differently so she would rather sit home and read it herself so she understands it in her own way.

The mother of five further advised the public to do the right thing instead of dressing to church and still continue with their wrong deeds.

Born Princess Akua Ohenewaa, Stephanie Benson is a UK based Ghanaian international singer and performer who is heavily rooted in Jazz music.

In Ghana, she is described as the queen of jazz.

She has songs like “It’s you”, “Dear Lord”, “Good bye”, “So Me Mu”, “Good Feeling”, amongst others to her credit.

By: Emmanuel Yeboah Britwum

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