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Gospel Music Inspires Hope

Gospel singer Evangelist Esther Freeman is charging her colleagues to pay particular attention to lyrics that stir lots of assurance for listeners.  

According to her, many people find solace in music and lyrics that drive loads of faith and that should be the focus of gospel music.

In a chat with Graphic Showbiz, the singer who started professional music in 1994, said that most gospel musicians mostly start on the “right path” but lose focus in the process.

However, she has been using her music to preach the messages of hope for almost three decades of doing music and her latest song, Nyame Aye similarly defines her stance.

Featuring Brother Sammy, Nyame Ye which was released on Sunday, February 5 sends a memo of how God is good all the time and people must learn to trust in him.

The duo take turns to share their own experiences to move hearers that all is not lost in difficult times since God is always good to change their situation around.

“Life is difficult and continuously, people have to be assured that that there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Overthinking and worrying is not a solution and this is why it’s important that gospel singer motivate such persons to forge ahead. And this can only be possible with the right lyrics to appease their pain,” he stated.

Even though she made her first appearance in 1994, Evangelist Esther Freeman dropped her debut album, Mmre Pa Mu in the year 2007.

She has been hosting the annual Aseda Kese concert and has assured that this year’s show will be exciting and impactful.

“All my songs are on all music platforms @ Esther Freeman and music videos are available on YouTube @ Esther Freeman Ministries,” she added.


Credit: Graphic Showbiz

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