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Hennessy Raps Ghanaian media

Guillaume de Guiteau, Hennessy cognac house brand ambassador, paid a 2-day visit to the shores of Ghana, during which time a customer training session, media networking event and exclusive master class were held.

During the events, de Guiteau elaborated on the process of cognac production—from the creation of the alcohol, its aging in barrels of French oak, pouring it from one barrel to another, tasting rules and also revealed the secrets of blending.

For the tasting with journalists, Hennessy cognac house brand ambassador Guillaume de Guiteau chose three well-known Hennessy cognacs: V.S. (Very Special), V.S.O.P. (Very Superior Old Pale) and X.O. (Extra Old), through tasting and exchange of opinions the participants recognized and uncovered the real mystery of Hennessy.

Introducing history of the Hennessy house, ambassador Guillaume de Guiteau tells that history of famous cognac making originated in 1765, when during the army service of Luis XV, Richard Hennessy from Ireland was lucky to taste brandy produced in French city of Cognac. After the service, Hennessy moved to France and founded his small business in Cognac. Thus, Hennessy gives a new type of alcoholic drink to the world, named “cognac”.

“Anyone from the Hennessy dynasty, who inherited this business and possessed its secrets, is in love with the job and passes from generation to generation to his/her heirs. In fact, this is a complicated and responsible process, to comprehend which it’s enough to know that to maintain the exclusive taste and quality. Seven specialists gather in the same place every day, sit on the same chair and test 40-50 types of cognac a day” Guillaume de Guiteau told reporters.

Providing details on the ritual of Hennessy cognac making, Guillaume de Guiteau introduced the magic stages of cognac making.

“Firstly, the primary juicy grapes are being selected, wine made of which we pour into huge copper containers meant for distillation. Only after the stage of distillation and at least after 2 years of ageing, the spirit may be a part of Hennessy cognac.

“Every second a bottle of Hennessy is being consumed in the world, and every year cognac, a quantum – equal to 5 million bottles, vanishes in the air from the barrels. This share the French consider “share for angels,” that’s why angels are so kind and happy. I promise, after tasting you’ll have the feeling of angels,” Guillaume de Guiteau said.

After tasting the three prominent types of Hennessy, Guillaume de Guiteau proposed reporters enjoying fruit cocktails prepared on cognac basis, also noting that the brandy may be used with ice as well, which provides the opportunity to uncover quite new shades of its flavor.

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