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Make The Most Of Your Covenant


You may be saved and on your way to heaven but as long as you don’t know your covenant rights here on planet earth, you are going to be useless. Your life as a child of God would not be fulfilled and you would not be joyful. You may end up discouraged, frustrated, confused and intimidated. Where you should really have exercised authority, you would discover that you cannot. Why? Because you don’t know your rights! So, the devil strives to ensure that we get blind to our covenant rights and what is available to us.

May I declare to you today that whatever God has done or is doing or will ever do is not because of what you have done. It is because of what He has done! It is because of Him and not you. If He had not paid the supreme price for our redemption, you won’t have been saved. I always say to people who say: “Well, I found the Lord”; You didn’t find Him. He found you. He found you lost. He found you doing your thing and He decided to save you. God decided to take on human flesh for one ultimate purpose: to save you.

Beloved, if you don’t understand what has been made available to you, you would be feeling inadequate; you would be feeling like a failure and your Christianity would not be fulfilled. God did not intend that Christianity should be a struggle. He said in Mathew 11:28 “Come to me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden and I will give you rest”. Christianity should give you rest. The burden of the devil is heavy and his yoke is not easy. But the yoke that God gives to you is easy.  God intends for you to have an easy life even in the midst of the storm.

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