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Rest In God

David in 1 Samuel 30, came back from battle with his men to find out that their camps had been looted, and their wives and families carried away. David cried his eyes out, the Bible says he cried till he could cry no more.

But, afterwards he encouraged himself in the Lord and then inquired of the Lord about what to do and he got an answer. Child of God, it takes a certain level of stillness and calmness to remind yourself about God’s goodness and to declare it out loud in the midst of chaos.

We must train ourselves to respond to difficulties and challenges by resting in God and being still before Him.

Rest brings clarity. The power of God is made manifest in stillness. No matter what you are going through, rest in God. Rest in His promises and watch that chaos turn into a testimony.

Exodus 14:13-14 admonishes us not to fear, but to stand and see the salvation of our God. He says hold your peace, and I will fight for you. When the children of Israel confronted Pharaoh, who is a type of the devil, they simply stood still and watched God deliver them because they really had no might against the Egyptians. The same thing is true today. As an individual, you have no might against the devil but when you team up with God, you rest in Him and watch Him deliver the victory into your hands.

These are examples of how God wants us to respond in the midst of chaos. Beloved rest in God and see His salvation.

I declare plan of the enemy concerning your life will never come to pass. God will prove Himself in your life. You will experience the supernatural. From today, you will see the goodness of God in your life. God has given you His word. So expect great things to happen for you. It is a decision you must take. You must choose to believe God for what He has said. Don’t cancel yourself out. I bless you today in Jesus name.

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