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Words Are Powerful

We can never underestimate the power of words. Even the devil uses words. Don’t forget that his original name is Lucifer. He is a created being before iniquity was found in him. Therefore, he knows the weapon that God uses, only that he has turned to use it in a perverted way. He knows that God always says something to create things. Repeatedly, in Genesis chapter one, we see the phrase: “God said and God saw”

The Word of God is the Spirit of God. As God’s creature, we make things happen by speaking because we are speaking spirits. You must learn how to speak words. That is where your power lies as a believer. And when you speak words, you must believe that what you say will happen. The way and manner the manifestation will come is not your business. Your business is to believe it. The seal of God is upon your life. It is the seal of victory. Therefore, you will not be defeated. You will not fulfill the prophecy of the adversary. When they gather together, they will scatter for your sake.

Do you know that until the herbalist or native doctor says something, nothing happens to the people he is proclaiming his curse on. And more often than not, he would speak so that the people would to hear and become fearful. For every fake, there is an original. God has got a more powerful and effective weapon.

Today, I declare over your life; whatever is contradicting God’s design for your life will bow in Jesus’ Name. Be it sickness, disease, barrenness, miscarriage, obstacles and impediments, frustration in business, satanic manipulations and delays of destinies, infringements and encroachment on your destiny; they shall give way.  Whatever the devil has put in place to withstand what God said is declared null and void. It will never stand. The Lord will satisfy you early with His mercy.

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