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Tinalove Nayram writes: How to promote a program on social media


Social media has become a strong force to reckon with when it comes to dissemination of information and advertisement. Although many have abused the medium to suit their selfish interest, it has still remained one of the surest ways to do business and get to a wide cross section of audience.

However, a potential client or a business minded person should not be complacent or take this enviable platform for granted. The following are some of the few elements one should consider when engaging social media for business activities. These are:

1. Quality
2. Credibility
3. Consistent Advertisement
4. Medium
5. Sharing

There are several ways to promote your program on social media but these are some surest ways to promote your program.

Quality: is a very vital point to consider when promoting a program on social media. For example, get the best designers to design your flyers, pages and content of what you want to have on your flyer. You have to make it catchy.

Credibility: is a major key when promoting your program on social media. You have to feed the public with credible information on what you have as part of your program. This implies that you need to be truthful of the message you are putting across.. It must have the correct tenses and grammar for it not to loose its value.

Consistent Advertisement: Advertisement plays a key role in promoting programs on social media. You must draw attention of people on what you have for them. Your advert must be fully of creativity to lure the public to like your program.

Mediums: Time the platforms to promote your programs. Authentic media like Facebook, IG, twitter can be the starting point of the journey. You should consider your time factor when promoting the program( that’s time to get number of people online).

Sharing: This is also an important factor to consider in promoting your program. The world is a global village, almost everyone especially the youth has an access to at least one social media platform ranging from WhatsApp to Snapchat.

One must at this point be on the known that it is not everyone who will be happy being chased with flashy adverts, but being consistent is the name of the game.

Finally,keeping or responding back to those who react to your advertisement in a positive way also helps.


Writer: Tinalove Nayram.

The author is a young girl studying Media Communication. Tinalove known by many has an interest in issues that centre on Health, Education, Social Media Branding, Young people and many more.

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